How to set the static IP Address for my HoneyOptics camera?

Question: How do I set the static IP Address for my camera?

Answer: Use the IP Addressing Tool (Windows Only) to set a static IP Address on your HoneyOptics camera. All PTZOptics cameras include IP streaming capabilities so take advantage!

HoneyOptics cameras allow you to set a static IP Address of the camera. To change the default IP Address you will need to use the "IP Address Settings Tool" available on the downloads page of the Once you have downloaded this application follow these steps:

  1. Launch the application on a Windows or Mac computer on your network
  2. Press "Search"
  3. Your camera should show up as available on your network
  4. Select the camera, right click and select "Config"
  5. Here you can manually set the IP Address of you camera

If you do not see your camera when searching on your network something is blocking your connection on your network. Please see the article titled "The IP address setting tool is not finding my cameras"

There are multiple videos below. The first is just a quick video showing someone using the IP address setting tool to change the IP address to a camera. The next video shows how to use the IP address setting tool, and what to do if the IP address setting tool does not find your camera. 

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Modified on: Thu, 23 Mar, 2023 at 11:29 AM