Can't find my Honey Optics Camera on the network


Why can't I find my camera on the Network?


1. Make sure the camera is powered on and the power light in front of the camera is lit up

2. Check the ethernet cable if it is plugged in to the switch/router/computer and to the back of the camera

3. Make sure the ethernet port on the camera

4. Download the upgrade tool : CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

5. Unzip the tool and launch Upgrade.exe 

6. on the upgrade window, make sure that the ip address of the computer is in the interface box, the click on search

7. It should be able to find the camera's ip address 

8. If this still doesn't work please contact us through email or through our support number. 844-542-1535

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Modified on: Wed, 10 Jan, 2024 at 3:53 PM